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07-Apr-2020 00:22

According to the most recent studies, tin-enameled wares were first made in England by two Antwerp potters, Jaspar Andries and Jacob Janson, about the year 1567.

The exact site of their pottery in London is unknown, and it was not until about 1665, almost a century later, that the industry was carried to the Lambeth section of the city.

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Some spouted drug jars contained Syrup of Chicory with Rhubarb.

The knowledge of tin-enamel glazes was brought to Europe by the Moors in the twelfth century.

Its immediate adoption upon its introduction to Spain and Italy, and thence to France, the Netherlands and England, is understandable when one considers that it made possible the use of painted decoration of an intricacy and variety of color which could not be achieved by the earlier slip, lead-glaze, and relief methods.

Plates with the delightfully naïve portraits of King William III and Queen Mary may have been made at Bristol, and on some specimens, the extensive crazing of the glaze may indicate a newly opened pottery.

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The Dutch influence on English pottery reached its height at the end of the seventeenth century.

The form of the dishes follows that of contemporary silver.

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