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09-Apr-2020 01:15

I’m pretty sure that almost no one actually chooses their career over love. This is particularly irritating coming from someone who was married in their early 20s.When you don’t have a needy man or family occupying your time, you focus on the things in your life that you This one came from HP (thanks! As my single friends and I climb higher into our 30s and 40s the pressure builds, but not all of us are freaking out about biological clocks or finding someone to walk down the aisle with us in the next 5 minutes.

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I’ve always been a nurturing, tough love type of friend. nobody wants to be pacified, but I think some friends are wired to do that, married or not. Married at 25 and by no means does that discredit my dating advice or life experience. It doesn’t take everyone until 40 to figure out what works for them romantically nor is there anything stating that you’ll know it all by 25… And there is nothing worse than some of the patronizing comments we single women have to endure from the happily coupled-up folks that surround us (often complete strangers).