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21-Aug-2020 11:05

It’s hard to take the moral objections too seriously, though, when the popularity of polygamy has seemingly exploded in U. And, before now, all of those featured have been white and most all have been fundamentalist Mormon. The Atlanta-based couple defy all the established definitions of what a polygamist family in the U. They opt instead for a spirituality that blends Dimitri’s Afro-Cuban heritage with Ashley’s African-American heritage, deep reverence for nature, and knowledge of indigenous spiritualities.

When asked how they feel about being some of the first black faces the television-watching public is associating with polygamy, Ashley spoke for the couple: It’s pretty humbling to be on TV to begin with, so the fact that at this moment in time, we’re some of the first black Americans to show up in people’s living rooms and phones and i Pads showcasing our lifestyle is mind-blowing.

And my thing is, how is anyone going to try to control my vagina?

That’s down from 93 percent in 2001, but for perspective, 55 percent of people polled find abortion morally objectionable, and that is largely thought to be the biggest moral issue of our time. Shows such as in 2006, was a scripted show, reality TV has largely been polygamy’s entertainment bread and butter. Not only are they black, they are also nonreligious.

So, it’s not just about if I like her; it’s important to Ashley and I that they also have a sisterly bond, and something like that takes time.”But time does not always wait when it comes to matters of the heart, and having such a personal experience in the public eye only adds complication.

“We’re at such a vulnerable phase of our lives—the search,” Dimitri notes.

For monogamous people, no matter when the intimacy happened, they would call it ‘cheating.’ We simply don’t think that way.”As with monogamous dating situations, polygamous courtships aren’t always successful, and heartache isn’t uncommon.

Uneven expectations and just plain old incompatibility are two factors that can lead to a relationship’s demise.

And all while being 100 percent open, honest, and transparent.”For Nina, a queer black woman who enjoys relationships with partners of all genders, the freedom to relate with whomever she chooses, regardless of gender, is an important factor in finding partners.

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