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01-May-2020 10:09

The shoulder is a joint with a very shallow socket, which allows a wide of range of motion.

It also means the surrounding soft tissue structures are important in maintaining joint stability.

Caroline is a freelance writer based in New York City. The labrum also helps attach other structures or tissues around the joint.

She has written health and wellness content for Boots Pharmacy, Meredith Corporation (in collaboration with Pfizer) and After surgery for a torn labrum, your doctor might prescribe gentle range-of-motion exercises as part of the shoulder labral tear rehab protocol.

One of the soft tissue structures, the labrum, is a cartilage rim that runs along the edge of shoulder socket, or glenoid.

The labrum plays an important role in shoulder function: ligaments that stabilize the upper arm or humeral head (ball) against the glenoid (socket) are attached to the labrum, and the long upper biceps tendon starts off at the labrum at the top of the socket.

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For highly competitive athletes, it may take six to 12 months of thorough rehabilitation to reach peak performance, with overhead athletes such as baseball pitchers needing the most time. The labrum functions as a way to deepen the shoulder socket, so that everything stays in place.

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