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09-Apr-2020 22:32

Yes, I know how to share—food, my home, and my clothes. I like the way I’ve organized my kitchen, bathroom, and color-coded closet, and I have to make an effort not to be a control freak outside of my home.I didn’t grow up with siblings barging into my room and messing with my stuff, so I’m not used to people re-arranging my kitchen cabinets or shuffling through my files at work.

Since I don’t have siblings, I’ve worked hard to develop and maintain close friends as sort-of substitutes. It’s a classic introvert trait, but I think my love for alone time also stems from growing up as an only child.

Whether your home is filled with laughter from one child or 10, all kids need love, safety, respect and tenderness. Check out the Top 50 Reasons Raising an Only Child Rocks!

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I know this can come across as slightly bossy, but when it comes to projects at work or school, it can be a great thing: I’ll always take the lead!

And I’ll often do more than my fair share so I can see things through.

Only child syndrome is the myth that only children are lonely, selfish, spoiled, impatient and maladjusted.