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Contents Measuring Movements Photographing Movements BTCo: Beguelin, Damas Longines 13.34 Longines 12.92 Gallet Electa wrist Gallet Electa pocket IWC calibres 63 and 64 Stauffer Eterna Tavannes cal 330 - 333 Tavannes cal 370 - 371 Fontainemelon 1 Fontainemelon 2 Fontainemelon 3 Fontainemelon 4 Fontainemelon 5 Fontainemelon 6 Fontainemelon 7 A. Schild calibre 168 Early Omega Wristwatch General Watch Company Marvin series 362 Dimier Brothers Mystery movement 1 Mystery 2: Vacheron? I don't intend to show movements with their makers names on them, because they are already identified.

220 Mystery movement 3 It is a small selection of often unidentified old movements that I have been able to positively identify.

The shape of the cocks and bridges is more of an aesthetic consideration; so long as all the pivot holes and screw holes are in the same places, then bridges of very different shapes can be freely interchanged.

Some manufacturers produced many different movements with the same basic layout and identical train and keyless work components, but with different patterns of cocks and bridges.

The idea of this page is to try to identify otherwise unknown movements found in the type of watches that I collect, which are principally Great War era men's wristwatches with 12 or 13 ligne movements.

It is often difficult to identify movements from the shape of the top plates or bridges alone.

The keyless work under the dial that handles stem winding and setting is often said to be the "fingerprint" of a movement.

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Movements from the 1920s or earlier, with cover plates that don't have integrated detent springs, don't generally appear in the Bestfit or similar books and are therefore harder to identify. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of different Swiss movements.Compare the bridge shapes shown in Jobin for the Eterna movements and those seen on Stauffer branded Eterna movements.

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