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Communicate how you feel, but also pay attention to what you’re getting from him.If he clams up every time you mention the future, he’s either uncomfortable talking about it (reasonable) or isn’t seeing a future with you (red flag).If you’re talking to a guy through a dating app, don’t get frustrated if he doesn’t ask you out after a few days of messaging. The next time you start to feel impatient, remind yourself that everyone moves at different speeds when it comes to dating. If you attend a party with the object of your desires, don’t stay with him all night. I’m not telling you to ignore him or even flirt with other men to make him jealous (no games, right? At the end of the night, Steve’s hand is sweaty and he’s oversaturated by Rebecca’s attention.Some guys want to make doubly sure that a lady is interested in them before risking rejection. Mention that you’ve got a free evening in the coming days. ) but let’s look at two scenarios: Rebecca is so into Steve that she doesn’t let go of his hand all night except to go to the bathroom (and even then, she holds it. Michelle is equally into Dan, but she lets go of his hand and runs to hug a good friend at the party.Find a way to let him know that, while you want to get to know one another better before jumping into bed, you are looking forward to it happening when it does.

But until you know he’s equally as into you, hold off.

Instead, use what I call the Text Initiation Ratio: for every two of his calls or texts, initiate your own.

You want to make sure he’s reaching out because he wants to talk to you, not in response to you always initiating the conversation.

Nor should you abandon him if he doesn’t know anyone.

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Introduce him to a guy you know he might have things in common with, then check on him to make sure he’s having a good time.

If you don’t feel like he’s meeting you emotionally, pull back and pay attention to his actions.