Dating a married man for 3 years American express sex cam chat

25-Nov-2019 00:28

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You are in love with this guy due to your insecurity and low self esteem, it is not your fault but your house life has made you like that , that is why you cannot judge others because you are unsure of yourself.Now let us discuss about the guy who is your boyfriend as you suppose.After 3 years of dating with married man, he decided to stop our relationship. If in past 3 years he has not made any decision in leaving his wife & children to be with you, he will leave you eventually. He wrote me in e-mail that he is too weak to see me or talk with me... Don't you think that if he is having an affair with you despite being married is wrong.Of course you feel guilty but your high interest has blinded you and you are not looking at the consequences of the reality. It is possible he got bored with you and has found someone else to have a new affair with. and I guess u are facing the consequence of purposely dating a married man. Married guys tend to be deceptive and liars (they have to be to have affairs). Also, anybody who breaks-up via e-mail, is a lame person. since the children are grown, what would be the excuse for staying? he isn't weak to see u or talk to u because he was strong enough to see and talk to his wife day in and day out while cheating behind her back.

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He also said that he no longer slept with his wife, but that they had an understanding. a married man tend to stay with wife by using there children as an excuse. he is a selfish man who thought he could get away with what he did or he is a coward who can't tell u the real truth. as long as parents let them know that they are loved. maybe it not like that for every single case but its for some.

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