Dating a letter of resignation dating laws in washington state

22-Apr-2020 06:24

On my last resignation, I actually gave out a 6-week notice instead of the required 4.Because I had a lot of responsibility and in my opinion, 4 weeks was not enough time to smoothly transition everything to other people.Most companies will not terminate you early unless there is a blatant problem with your performance.The reason is if you quit then they have no liability as far as unemployment.In some cases you may have a contract that specifies that the final day will be exactly X number of days following receipt of notice.

This means if I resign on the 18th October my last day at my current company should be the 18th January.The difference between my situation and yours is that my resignation came out of the blue (or so I think), so I thought it was only ethical to give a longer notice.In the US, providing a final day in distant future is acceptable.However, if your boss and HR are already aware that you're leaving, it is exceptionally unlikely that there will be any objections to you staying an extra day.

I think this is a good gesture and you should do it.I guess they arguably come back with, "Actually, we hereby give notice of our intention to terminate your employment on January 18," but they could arguably do that on October 18th anyway. They're creating a lot of paperwork and potentially opening themselves up for a legal battle (at least in the UK/Europe).

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