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Kidd, Fairway ("F" in white; FAIRWAY/LONDON MADE/ENGLAND), Frankau' S (London Made/Made in England), Glokar, Major Daff, the Snap-FIT.

It also seems that Ultonia and Last word must be regarded as marks with whole share, in spite of the fact that they are presented as being product lines under label BBB.

After his death, the BBB gradually became known as Britain’s Best Briars.

That would explain their absence of catalogues BBB.

The need for manufacturing in London becomes pressing, this is why, with the turning of the century, A.

BBB concentrates on a certain number of pipes with system which were in general orders, and on new completions.

Richard Esserman thinks that Dunhill sub-contracted with BBB the manufacture of the heads for its Bent Magnums until 1923.If the pipe was stamped BRUYERE rather than briar it was made in the 30s.