Dating a czech

07-Oct-2020 00:40

Simply this Czech guy was definitely not on the right track with me. Actually it was at that point of our date that I already knew I needed to get back home right away.

Don’t get me wrong – I would be the happiest woman in the world if a get some nice present from the man I date and I don’t much care if it costs a fortune or just several bucks as long as I know he had spent some time in thinking about me and trying to find something especially for me– but definitely not on the first date and definitely not in some tasteless manner.

The mere fact that he did it this way makes me think that perhaps many women expect it to work this way and would be quite content with it. By my standards love and being with someone is hardly some commodity. And I am not trading romance for some quick dirty sex, for sure.

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It takes courage to admit but, I mean, he was good enough and perhaps he could have taken me to bed after several more dates by simply being normal and even he would enjoy it much more.Or simply men like it when you play hard to get – that stupid mentality that will never really make sense to me.But that’s how you learn that Czech guys are good at carrying out tasks that someone else gives them and in fact they do it quite well, but when it comes to innovation and resourcefulness, that’s not their thing at all.I was much better in that than my dad would ever be, in fact.

Later that evening he insisted on paying the bill and in fact did it but getting out of the restaurant gave me a small lecture on how offending it is to a man when the lady doesn’t accept him to foot the bill and asked me never to try doing it again.

But it in fact made me and my Bulgarian friends in Prague laugh so much at the dating culture that we were seeing in Central Europe and I guess not only there. I can be pretty eloquent especially when I have nothing to lose and don’t care much.