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The current Kushinada, Momiji, must aid them because the other Kushinada, Momiji's twin sister, is thought to be dead.

Momiji, wishing to discover more about the twin sister she never knew and also to fulfill her destiny, agrees to join the TAC under the protection of Kusanagi, who wishes to destroy his former masters, the Aragami.

However, she soon changes her mind after vines begin to appear from every crack and opening attempting to capture her as they whisper "Kushinada".

Momiji tries to escape, not knowing that the vines are being employed by a powerful Aragami known as Orochi.

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Momiji is intrigued as to why she was referred to as "Kushinada".The Forces of Evil",15,"/Naruto-and-Star-Vs-The-Forces-of-Evil-Crossovers/1402/12021/"); setxcat(xsc_i,205,"Mulan",14,"/Mulan-and-Naruto-Crossovers/315/1402/"); setxcat(xsc_i,201,"D N Angel",14,"/D-N-Angel-and-Naruto-Crossovers/571/1402/"); setxcat(xsc_i,209,"Silent Hill",14,"/Silent-Hill-and-Naruto-Crossovers/764/1402/"); setxcat(xsc_i,208,"Flash",14,"/Flash-and-Naruto-Crossovers/821/1402/"); setxcat(xsc_i,208,"Smallville",14,"/Smallville-and-Naruto-Crossovers/1303/1402/"); setxcat(xsc_i,208,"NCIS",14,"/Naruto-and-NCIS-Crossovers/1402/1668/"); setxcat(xsc_i,211,"Misc.

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