Crystalens accommodating

06-Nov-2019 18:14

The FDA approved the original version of Crystalens in 2003, at which time it was developed and marketed by a startup company called eyeonics.

Bausch Lomb acquired Crystalens in early 2008; and in June of that year, the FDA approved a “high-definition” version of Crystalens, which incorporates an optic designed for better near vision.

Typically, the eye’s “focusing” or ciliary muscle powers the movement or shape change.

Currently approved accommodating designs cause less loss of contrast sensitivity and are less likely than multifocal IOLs to produce glare and halos.

That is not enough to give patients good distance and near vision, although it may suffice for good distance and intermediate vision.

Some critics claim that a single-optic IOL can’t possibly move enough with the eye to produce a substantial change in power.

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forecasts nearly 11% growth in presbyopia-correcting IOLs through the end of 2016 as new options become available. Presbyopia correction can be approached in a number of ways.

Nu Lens (Nu Lens Ltd.) is a single-optic, mechanical accommodating IOL designed to provide up to 10 D of accommodation. Smolinsky is the Chief Content Officer of Ethis, whose mission is to facilitate global innovation in eye care by providing strategic analysis, exceptional content across a wide range of media, and an extensive network of key ophthalmic and optometric opinion leaders to industry and academic partners around the world.