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16-Dec-2019 02:10

"Sounds horny to me, love to help you both out when did you have in mind? I had a fast reply, "call in your interested" followed by their number. She answers to shows she real then passes the phone to her man. Then the door opens, its the bf in his dressing gown, "you came?! I follow him through into their living room, his girlfriend is waiting also in a dressing gown...

It's set, I have the address, I'm not thinking anymore, I'm caught up in the moment... It's a 30min drive to get to them, i'm really horny with thoughts of what will happen, my cock surprisingly calm... She's sexy, and she smiles as she sees me, I'm hoping its because I'm not a disapointment.

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I'm on a swingers website and I was checking my messages as normal seeing if anyone had shown any interest in a single male, as always not a lot... When out of nowhere I receive a message, "my girlfriend is feeling horny and want to suck on a strangers cock, she loves cum and I love to watch" I was skeptical at first but sent a rapid reply... i'm horny at the thought so decide to call, heart pounding...

I find the house, i make a slow walk to the door, it's late, i hope i have the right house, my heart starts pounding again as i say to myself "fuck it" and knock on the door... They could see I'm nervous and ask "is this your first meet? They put on a porn film its a bukkake movie she said "love to do this, all those cocks for me" and then her bf gives her the knod "shall we start then", she stands up letting her dressing gown fall to the floor, she's in leopard print underwear I look up her body taking it all in with a smile, she has long firm legs and a flat belly and big breast being pushed togther and spilling slightly out of her bra which looks to be a size to small making her breast seem even bigger, she does a little twirl and drops to her knees and motions come to me with her finger...

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