Conslidate debt consolidation consolidating loans credit dating site in my area

11-Oct-2019 17:11

When shopping for a consolidation loan, make sure that the new APR is the same as or less than the average APR for all of your current loans.

If so, and if you’re comfortable with a new, longer-term repayment schedule, go ahead and take the loan, and use it to pay off your existing debt.

Debt consolidation is a form of refinancing, but not all refinancing is debt consolidation.

Some people use “debt consolidation” and “refinancing” interchangeably, but they aren’t the same thing.

When you refinance, you take out a new loan at a lower interest rate to pay off an existing, high-interest loan.

Before applying for a consolidation loan, make sure none of your existing loans have a prepayment penalty.

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It’s generally not cost-effective to consolidate any loans that have prepayment penalties.

Next, add together all of your existing loans to determine the total amount of your current debt.

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