Computers not updating from wsus

09-Aug-2020 06:09

I have run the wuauclt /reportnow and wuauclt /detectnow. I have run the cleanup wizard to deny and remove all of the superseded updates.

I have manually gone through the installed updates on one of the servers in question and verified that these "Not Applicable" updates are not installed.

WSUS detects that the server exists but that is about it.

Every other OS works fine, it is only the 2016 servers that have this problem.

I have verified in the registry on the affected machines that they are pointing to the WSUS server and it can be pinged. There is no firewall or port blocker or anything like that.

I created a completely new 2016 server installation with absolutely nothing installed on it; no roles, no firewalls no virus scanner no nothing, just a blank server and tried to force it to connect.

When it fails the system just stops trying and refuses to connect to WSUS.