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There are NO subscription fees for currently enrolled college students to use the site.

Access to the alumni database will require a paid subscription in the future.

There are just too many variables for any practical guesses.

That means any dating you do in college should be treated less seriously than dating for the rest of your life.

Much of the dating advice out there seems aimed for an older audience than myself. And if you're not in college, well, you might just want to give this one a read anyway -- a lot of the things I'm going to recommend you don't necessarily need an alma mater to pull off.

It's unlikely I'm going to find girls my age doing the weekly grocery shop for example! Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.

You only have so much time in a day and if you spend too much of it dating then you’re probably just wasting it. Don’t get caught up dating because of social pressures.

If you’re living at a college more than a few miles from home, and the person you’re dating is too, then you need to understand that the relationship could be short term.

There is no reasonable reason anyone should have to know where they’re going to want to go after college until near the end of senior year.

The site fosters an exclusive college dating community geared to the needs of students and alumni only.

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All new members need a valid college email ID to get approved.You’ll always have to make the decisions rationally despite them. Once you do, you’ll always be fighting to meet other people’s approval.