Cocoa main loop updating

06-Aug-2020 02:50

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A canvas view is useful for creating dynamic previews and interactive interfaces.Imagine Draw Bot with a live-updating draw loop, and with the ability to react to events such as mouse position and clicks, keyboard input, etc.Returning the OS X port to a Cocoa codebase is extremely important for improving the UI, optimizing performance, and improving stability.This version is all about building a better future for the OS X port.Santa brought me a brand new Mac, so I will venture into the unknown (to me, at least) territory of Cocoa with Open GL.

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Due to lack of developer support, the Cocoa code base was shelved after the release of v0.9.4.

Some attributes are common to all events, while others are specific to certain types of events.

The Canvas and Canvas Group documentations include a list of all delegate events which can be used by the canvas objects.

Although this means having to rebuild the Cocoa code base from scratch, this is a necessary first step in providing a stable foundation for future enhancements.

Initially, this version was meant to be an optimization and maintenance release.Once this is achieved, then a lot of options open up for adding brand new features, as well as restructuring of the core itself to bring new levels of emulation compatibility and performance.