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Frustrated, Lawson takes the law into his own hands, putting one of the squatters lives in mortal danger—or was it Lawson?

Vernon finds that relying on one of the squatters for pottery can be problematic.

Guest Stars: Freddie Jones as George Woodford, Fiona Victory as Eileen Jepson, Alastair Sims as Steven Collier, Josh Moran as Robert Price, James Quinn as Roy Jepson.

When Tom responds to a robbery at a factory, he becomes involved in a bitter war between factory Works Manager Neville Sawyer and factory owner Trevor Shields.

A machine explodes and suspicions initially fall on Sawyer, but the Inspector of Factories quickly closes the factory down, holding Trevor responsible. Meanwhile, Vernon organises a beauty pageant at the village hall, but Councillor Joyce Jowett is eager to put a stop to his plans.

Guest Stars: Sally Walsh as Maureen Felton, David Fenwick as Neville Sawyer, Shaun Scott as Trevor Shields, Diane Fletcher as Ruth Shields, Clare Clifford as Celia Beresford.

Meanwhile, Vernon begins a pet cemetery but a supposedly dead pig trashes Bernie's garage, so Bernie seeks Blaketon's assistance to stop Vernon's scheme.

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Dr Summerbee is delighted when her old friend Heather Conway comes to stay for Christmas.

Dr Summerbee gives the pill to 16-year-old Debbie White and her friend Jenny.