Cisco vpn validating identity

16-Nov-2019 16:14

The official line is that as your user base grows, the number of passwords that you have to keep track of becomes unmanageable. If you only have a handful of groups, then that is how many passwords you have to keep track of. The real problem of scale occurs because the passwords are compromised from time to time, and you have to change them.That is an easy task on the VPN concentrator, but you cannot change those passwords until you coordinate the change with all your users.You could use DHCP, but that brings another network device into the picture. You are only constrained by the 100 combined users and groups limitation on the decision.Does the R&D team work around the clock or just during business hours? You probably want to drop connections after they have been idle for 20 to 30 minutes.These users might be using the Cisco VPN Client, but they are most likely also using a variety of operating systems. ” quiz is to help you decide what parts of the chapter to use.The logistics of changing device authentication passwords for a large user base would be difficult. Studies show retention is significantly increased through writing facts and concepts down, even if you never look at the information again. If you already intend to read the entire chapter, you do not need to answer these questions now.

If you close the connection when it is idle, you should not have to worry about lengthy connections.If your company were growing quickly, you might opt for the 3015.