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18-Oct-2020 12:13

For Argentina, we bought on line and showed proof at crossing.

Getting into Argentina was a bit of a mess but do-able.

An Austrailian young woman had filled out her birth date in a different order than what was asked for on form. For entry to Chile, the reciprocity fee is only charged if you are entering the country via an international flight at Santiago's airport.

It is not charged at any other point of entry, land or sea or other international airport in Chile. If Chile becomes a visa waiver country in 2014 as planned, the fee will be removed.

Say if you entered Chile via land and exit via air through SCL.

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Also, not even a tiny bit of English spoken by guards so brush up on your Spanish. Our friends from Chile drove their car and had no difficulty. There are two different protocols depending on which country you are entering.

The flight was considered domestic upon arrival to Santiago so I didn't pay it there either.

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