Chatting with a girl on skype at lebanon

03-Jan-2020 05:58

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But she has always felt a strong connection to Lebanon and the Middle East region.

Honored to share that @natakallam founder Aline Sara was selected as the American Female #Entrepreneur for #INCO Award 2017!

@_impactnetwork #nyc #socent #socialenterprise #withrefugees #natakallam #adifferentkindofarabiclearning A post shared by Na Takallam ('We Speak') (@natakallam) on “I told myself if I were in Lebanon, I would actually connect with some Syrian refugees and have them become my language partners and I could pay them for the service as opposed to hiring a tutor,” she said.

Sara was looking to improve her conversational Arabic anyway “because that’s what you need when you’re in the field and a journalist …

In order to be considered in the final round, they actually had to pilot the platform — so they did.

“I’d been there multiple times.”Sara’s parents are survivors of the war in Lebanon and as someone with a Lebanese background she feels compelled to do something about the global refugee crisis.“I almost feel like I have to give back because I’ve been so privileged and lucky to grow up safely in New York, to go to a great school, and have such a peaceful life,” she said.

In 2014, Aline Sara had just earned her master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and, like many recent graduates, was feeling demoralized by the job hunt.

She decided to move to Beirut, Lebanon, and work on her Arabic language skills while searching for jobs in the humanitarian field, when she was struck with a “haunting realization.”“What do you do when you have so many skills and you’re not even allowed to apply them? She wasn’t thinking of herself, but the millions of refugees worldwide who are “in complete limbo,” stuck in host countries that will not legally allow them to work and support their families, she told Global Citizen.

There are 22.5 million refugees worldwide, according to UNHCR, many of whom are stuck in a kind of purgatory while they await resettlement or rescue, overwhelming the humanitarian sector.“And then you have political leaders who are literally accusing [refugees] of being the very people they’re fleeing from,” Sara said.“That’s a catastrophe!

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