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11-Dec-2019 00:20

notifications place a checkmark in this box to enable emails that will be sent to you that will contain a log of events that took place in your chat group such as banning and bouncing chat room url You can use this url to make a link to your chat room from your own web site, or you can email this url to friends.When people click on this link, if your room is open they will be joined into the room.If your chat room is not currently open, they will be taken to your chat group's web page where they can view information about your group, sign up to be a member, view your photos and video clips, or even post a message to the group using the integrated message board.welcome message you can enter a message of up to 255 characters that will be displayed in text to everyone who enters your chat room welcome messages should be appropriate for the rating of your group lockword you can specify a 'lockword' or password that will be required for entry into your chat room If you use the lockword feature your chat room size will be limited to a maximum of ten (10) participants.Your picture must be clean and G rated so it is suitable for viewing by all ages.Nudity or profanity or other offensive material is forbidden.If you want to lock your room but need more than ten participants you can subscribe to a deluxe or ultimate room.other security features There are a few more settings that help you keep control of who enters your group.

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R and A rated rooms are suitable for adults only and the text is not filtered what so ever.

You can close your chat room down and not allow it to be opened by anyone else.

You can enable an 'admin monitor' that will keep a log of events in your group like bouncing and banning.

You will have to select from the drop down lists which category and sub-category you prefer.

There are main or 'top' level categories that indicate purpose, languages, or geographic regions. G rated rooms must be suitable to all audiences including minors.

(if you have it enabled) Regular free chat rooms can contain up to 200 participants!

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