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By the early 2000s, the number rarely exceeded 100 a week.

The volume of letters fell off steeply when medical questions were dropped in 2001, and there was another significant decrease in 2004 when the column was moved from Sundays to Thursdays.

In 1984, when the column celebrated its 100th anniversary, one "Chat" staffer noted that her years of reading "Chat" letters made her feel like a well-informed sociologist. Occasional letters from men began to appear in the column, as men and women alike sought and gave advice on subjects such as lead paint, energy conservation, and school loans.

"The mail has increased in the last 15 years on marital problems, broken homes, sex and all the other current questions. keeps a confidential record of real names and addresses for each pseudonym to ensure that mail intended for a specific writer reaches her.) One staff person devoted part of each day to filling requests for items from the voluminous "Chat" recipe file.

In a 1955 promotional brochure that captures perfectly the expectations of middle class women Betty Freidan called "the feminine mystique," the claimed that "Chat" discussed "everything of interest to women: food, housekeeping, clothes, children, in-laws, babies, gardens, love, marriage, interior decorating, and a thousand and one other subjects which intrigue the female mind and occupy the female time." The early submissions offered recipes and housekeeping suggestions but soon Hatch was receiving and printing requests for guidance on domestic concerns ranging from child rearing to gardening to handcrafts.

Because the "Confidential Chat" archive represents over a century's worth of letters written by ordinary women, the column is a rich source for social historians.

Composed entirely of letters written by readers to other readers, "Confidential Chat" evolved from a way to share recipes and housekeeping tips to "a forum for debuted in 1872, it faced an uphill battle to win readers away from the city's many other newspapers.

The editors decided to expand their readership by including stories they thought would appeal to women, a growing market in Victorian-era publishing.

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to be very easy to work with for a 3rd party helper.With the growth of suburbia and consumer culture in the 1950s, letters focused on the new ideals of family life and femininity.The unrest and social protest of the 1960s affected the content of "Confidential Chat." The assassination of Dr.In December 2005 the editor acknowledged, "it was an innovative feature, a precursor to the kind of communication people now take for granted on the Internet," but the paper, she explained, wants to "offer new ways of sharing information and helping people connect." Ombudsman Richard Chacon wrote that he understood "Chat" readers' "sadness and frustration at the sudden loss of an old friend," but he observed that "in this age of electronic message boards, chat rooms, and instant messaging, 'Confidential Chat' may have finally reached its sad but inevitable end." On this day in 1851 an abolitionist newspaper published the first installment of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin.

The following March, a Boston publisher issued the work in book form. On this day in 1690, Boston printer Benjamin Harris produced the first issue of Publick Occurrences, the first newspaper published in Britain's North American colonies.It’s available on many platforms and has good documentation.

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