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Ardouin, Guillemin, Claverie, and Hebert — compagnons de voyage on the journey from A to Z, who, by expert knowledge of the route, have made that journey easier. To each and all of tliese I offer mv sincere thanks. the dic Uonary.] Oue dot (T') marks u terminal as silent, except when the word immediately following begins with a vowel or silent h. May AUBERGE inn : tavern |.blossom AUBERGINE egg-plant [solaniim melongena'] AUBERGISTE [re'occ Mpa Hon[care) ' soin(-s] i V. | Call his to the fact Sthat, Faites-lui remarquer que ... if [to please) prevenant ATTEN'TIVENESS attention : prevenance Attes't va. AUD FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS AUT AUDIENCE _ : court : sitting AUDIENCIER" usiier [des comptes) auditor AUDITEUR tor : hearer : disciple | Les s, The audience [Le verbe suivant est au pi.] Auditif -ive a. On good terms with o"s I CONTENTE-MENT" _tment : pleasure I Conlenter' va. To be satisfied : to be content (de, with] to " indulge one's self g CONTENTIEUX- [pi] law cases . Lawyer's office | Chef I du , Company's lawyer 1 -eiwe a. to tell : to relate \_dance CORONA'TION couronnement COR'ONER [fcor'-e-Jie-r] _ [Eng. _ive | CORRELATION" _ CORRESPONDANCE _dence : letters (pi] [«Sl, etc.) connection : through connection : running in connection (with] correspondence ticket I Carte- , Post-card | P&ite [journal] Answers to correspondents COR-RESPONDANT- -E _dent : guardian [a.) corresponding (a, witli, to) de guerre, War correspondent Cor Tespondre rn. DIFF^RENTIEL [tech] differential gear Dif ferentiel -e He [t as s] a. [a, de, to] difficult : liard [pers) over particular : hard to please : nice : exacting | II m'est de, I hardly know how to ... Before verbs use a when subject is a definite one : otlierwise use de. differer (from, de : in, pour, en] We _ on that point, Nous ne sommes pas d'accord la-dessus DIFF'ERENCE [general sense) difference [dis- pute) differend [discrepancy) ecart | To make a great , Faire beaucoup | It makes no , C'est la mime chose | To split the , Partager le differend fdifferemment] Different a. Chagrin d'amour | Sad , Cruelle deception DISAPPROBA'TION, DISAPPRO'VAL issl desapprobation | Disappro've le-pro Cive'] va. deranger : mettre en de- DISAS'TER Idizz'] desastre : raalheur Lsordre Disas'trous[(tizz]a.desastreux[-ly,-eusement Disavow' va. licencier [vn.) etre licencie DISBAN'DING licenciement Disbar' [-rre'd] va. du tableau DISBELIE'F [life] incre'dulite Disbelie've \_live'] va. debourser | MENT debour- sement | MENTS [pi] debourses [com) DISC disque [.debours Discard' va. discon- tinuer [a newspaper, etc.) se desabonner a DIS'CORD discorde [mus) dissonance l)iscoi''()aiit a. [from, de] demeler : tirer [to free) debarrasser [fam) depetrer Discntbral' [-He'd] va. defigurer DISFIG'UREMENT enlaidissement Disfran'chise va. iontedesafaniille\ In , Dans la disgrace [cliild) en penitence [204] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italit. (Table 63) to disappear : to go I Faire , To remove : to do away with DISPARATE incongruity [a.) ill-assorted DISPARITE _ty Dr SPARm OJV disappearance DISPARU -E I Le The missing man (etc.] pp. to dispense : to exempt : to save (de, from] Se de, To dispense with : to excuse one's self from Dlsperser' va. DISH plat : mets : casserole [phot) cwuefte [vege- table) legumier | Covered—, Plat a couvercle | Dainty _, P friand | To _ the Whigs, En- foncer les Whigs | -CLOTH torchon : lavette | -COVER couvercle (de plat] To wash up the ES, Laver fa vaisselle | up u. deshonorant [pers) sans honneur | V bly ad.'raalhonnebement Dishorn' va. desagreger | To be d, Se d DISINTEGRA'TION desagregation Disinter' [-rre'd] va. [speech] decousu —NESS [le) decousu DISLI'KE [of, to, pour] degout : aversion [va.) .^ ne pas aimer (to, ...] [y. desobligeamment ('DISOR'DER desordre : tumulte [raed) mala- ^ die [va.) deranger | In , En D : a I'abandon ■S Disor'dere'd a. My sister Marian Gibbins undertook the responsible and very tedious task of the initial proof-reading, a service for which it is difficult adequately to thank her. I AM indebted to many friends and correspondents on both sides- of thetlhannel for much of the new matter which distinguishes tlie present (or third) Edition of this dictionary from its predecessors. In addition to this, two dots (T") mark it as silent [or if an N" that it remains nasal] even when followed by u word beginning with a vowel or silent h. Chez' given with one dot indicates that the z is silent when followed by a con- sonant, but forms liaison when followed by a vowel — that is. so that Chez elle sounds Chi-ze Ue ; but on the other hand, COUP" given witli two doti indicates that the P is silent under all circumstances, so that Uri coup a la fi Hs is sounded " Un cou u la fbis." and not " Un cmi-pa," etc. or double dot, followed by an K as an indication of tlie feminine form [as UMOUSIN"-R] must uf course be understood as applying to the masculine only. The pronunciation of words — in the many cases where it is given — is shown by phonetic spelling in Ualic type, either between brackets immediately after the words themselves, or printed down t)ie left side of the type-columns. Twenty years of age i AGENCE agency [.edje-nnoe'\ commission | ' Hatxis, ' Central News Agency ' (of France] Agence-e pp. Beyond : on the other side | derriere de, Beliind | -dessous. Soin & Vie, Eng.] To pay _, c Faire A : avoir egard (to, a] To devote one's ^ to, Se donner a | To give one's to, Se g preoccuper de . attestor [signature) legaliser ATT'IC mansarde [dialect & salt) attique ATTI'RE [iat] vetement [uiomen's)atours(pl] va. ditory AUDITION" hearing [concert) private perfor- mance : pupils' concert AUDITOIRE audience 0=^ : auditory AUOE trough : hod : spout | AUOEE trough- ful : liodful I AUGET" trough : bucket ] Roiie a s, Overshot wheel AUGMENT" I Augmentatif -ive a. conten- tious : o|en to dispute [contention- — [desprit) intensity CONTE'NU contents (pi] content : enclosure | -e pp. officer] _'S IN'QUEST enquete en presence du cadavre COR'ONET [fcor'-e-rie-t] : petite couronne COR'PORALcaporal [in cavalry) brigadier [a.) corporel | lly ad. [erige) en corporation A point (S") means silent, or QN" LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. to corresiwnd : to commu- nicate [«&) to run in connection with | Se , To correspond : to be well matched COR'RIDOR _ : passage COR'RIG^ corrected copy [livre) key (de, to] Cor Tiger' va. to corrode ike-rodel COR'ROI puddling : composition : finish Cor'rompre va. full-bodied [vulg) ' first-rate ' CORSELET- _ Icor'-s Uttl Corser" v. I" st»te CORVEE compulsory labour : statute labour [tech) job [X) work : fatigue-party Ubesogne ingrate) drudgery : ' piece of D ' | Faire , To be disappointed CORVETTE ,— CORYPHt E leader | C_, leading ballet-grr J CORYZA _ [fam) cold in the head COSAQUE [ko-zack'] Cossack Ikoss-e-k] COSINUS Iko-seeniis'] cosine [fninn] COSM^TIQUE [iff«;reinmenf [em as am} ad. to differ- DIFFt REND" difference Oa^ Lentiate Different' -e a. al [cfte-J] Differentier" [t as s] [used in math, only] va. different [opinion) divergent [-1 y, Differen'tlal a. ne pas croire DISBELIE'VER [tire-r] incredule Disbud' va. mettre de cote [pers) congedier Discern' [ze-rne] wi.discerner | ER observa- teur : juge | ibie a. eclaire : judicieux : attentif | MENT dis- cernement DISCHAR'GE dec Jiarge [debt) quittance [duty) accomplissement [dismissal) renvoi : conge [soldier's) conge definitif [of a prisoner) elar- ^gissement : jni^e en Jifterte [med) ecoulement : "^suppuration | va. [disagr.) en desaccord DIS'COUNT escompte Iva.) escompter [a story, etc.) [en) rabattre | To be at a , Etre en d^- favettr | To quote a , Faire ttiie remise \ — RATE taux de I'E Discoun'tenance va. discretement DISCREP'ANCY ecart : contradiction Discrep'ant a. distinctif [person) de bon jugeraent DISCRIMINA'TION [»i^c? Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. to scatter : to disperse DISPERSION" — [cfte-mi] scattering DIS ENGLISH-FRENCH DIS dans les mots suivants se pr. hon- teusement | FULNESS ignominie [tent 'DIsgrun'tle'd' a. dresser DIS'HABILLE deshabille tea | In _, En D Iishe"ar'te"n [harte-n] va. decorner DISINCLINA'TION [neche-nn'] aversion | To show a to, Se montrer pen empresse a Dlslncli'ne [ftfa'ttie] va. desinfecter | ANT desinfec- tant I ION desinfection \ OR desinfecteur Disinher'it va. Antipathique, a.] ^ To take a to, Se degouter de [pers) pren- dre ... disloquer :"deboiter' DISLOCA'TION _ [arm, etc.) luxation : 'de- boitement ' Dislotl'getxi. [to, a] infidele [-lly, -ment] DISLOY'ALTY defection (de] iiifideliti (to, a] Dis'nial [dizz-) desarmer [poet) depouiller Dismast' va. Queda en cada uno de nosotros ser usuarios responsables y sensibles respecto a la información que vemos y compartimos.¡Y POR FAVOR, SI VAS A PUBLICAR O COMENTAR, NADA DE FALTAS DE ORTOGRAFÍA!conjonction : conjuguer : plais liar plaisanterie : in fun conjugaisoii poet poetiquemeut const constrt Ktion : building polit politique ' pop populaire "^ cuts cuisine : cookery t eye cycle : cycling pp. feminin : feminine prep, preposition fain style familier pret. pronom : pronoun fort fortification sculp sculpture fr francais : French se pr. The initiator and inspirer of this work, John Bellows, has not lived to see its publication. c] dispersion : prolixite DIFFU'SION ifioiije-nnl _ : propagation Diffu'sive a. ffft] [■§ desempare [X) hors de combat _ SOL'DIER, invalide Disabu'se Idiss-e-hiouzel va. mal dispose (towards, pour] DISAFFECTION des— (towards, pour] Disagree' vn. DISPEN'SER dispensateur -(rice fpharmacien DISPEN'SING dispensation \ _ CHEMIST Disper'se [ peurce'] v. disseminer : repandre DISSEM'INATOR [nete-r} propagateur DISSENT' dissentiment [opposed to church) dissidence Ivn.) differer (from, de] DISSENT'ER dissident -e DISSEN'TIENT [_che-nntt'i [eak. [dirt) tacher A'encre [typ) toucher INK'ER [roller] toucheur : rou Ieau-T IN'KLING avis : vent finversable INK'STAND encrier : ecritoire \ Safety _, E Ink'y a. [le)plus recule: [le) plus intime INN'INGS (pi] tour (sing] A point (S') means silent, or ON' LL" L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. without occupation : at leisure [lieu) unoccupied IN-OCTAVO [pi. insolerament INSOL'VENCY insolvabilite : faillite INSOL'VENT failli [a.) insolvable : en faillite | To become , Faire faillite Insomuch' conj. inspirer : animer (with, de] To — AB with courage, Inspirer du C a A B Inspir'lt va. installer INSTAL'MENT installation [com) acompte : paiement a compte [bankruptcy) dividende | By — S. plein de jus : juteux Ls"c A point (S*) means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. partioipe passe ; past dr droit : law participle ilectr electrieite : electricity se prononce gen genie : engineering sing singulier : singular »e'03 geographic subj. But at his death in 1902 he left behind him something of greater value even than the manu- script upon which he loved to labour ; for in the memory of his life and work lay just that inspiration to continue to the end, which has so often been the needed mainstay of the reviser. [Beau becomes Bel before a noun beginning with vowel or silent h : Bel homme. qui se repand [style) abondant DIG coup (de coude, etc.] Dig va. desabuser (of, de] DISADVASN'TAGE desavantage : perte | To la- bour under a , Avoir le D de ... ditferer:etreendesaccord(avec] [to quarrel) se brouiller | Eggs with me, Les oeufs ne me conviennent pas | able a. to be discordant OISCOUREUR -EUSE great talker Wiscourir vn. Discourir] L"nit'=Si: prudence | a_, At D: just as [ou as much as] one likes [manger, boire) 'ad libitum' [X) unconditionally | a la de. de loi) de- bate [dr) distraint | Mettre en , To discuss Discutablo a open todiscussion : debatable Discuter' va. Si, je parle | He certainly did' go, II est bien parti | I ' believe he is a thief! | I ' hope, J'espere bien que D By way of apology, admission, or contrast | I ' go to his house, but only on business, En effet, je vais chez lui, mais seulement pour affaires \ I did' live in Paris, but I have re- o moved, II est vrai, je demeurais a Paris, mais '^j'ai demenage E In urging or entreating : often rendered in French by Done, Prier, or Voyons | speak to me ! _] octavo [/ei'o] ['8vo'] INOCULATION ■ _ [innok-yoit-leche-nnl Inoculer" va. ino'dorous [inn-o-de-re-ss] Cabinet , Water-closet Inoffensif -ive a. Par ver.sements partiels INS'TANCE [s(e-nnce] regiiete : demande : cas : circonstance Iv.) citer comme exemple | For , Par exemple | In the first , D'abord | In this , Dans cecas IN'STANT Unn'ste-nntf] _ [«.) immediat : pressant | The 31st , Le 31 courant Instanta'neous [ten-ye-ss'] a. Table 51) to instruct : to teach : j to tell [dresser) to train [contre) to examine . Faites filer leseeoutes du foe I Flying , Clin-foc | Standing , Grand foe | _ o' Faux foe | -BOOM bout- dehors de foe | Flynig - , Bout-hors de clin-foc I -STAY draille A point (S') means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison.

With a practical experience of the art of dictionary-making, and long acquaintance with the needs of language-students, the first of these helpers — Auguste Marrot — has won my best tminks for his long-continued and conscientious aid in the revision of this book. Si A point (SO means silent, or GN" LL" L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaismi. Littre] beautiful : handsome : fine : fair : happy : great [avantageux) good [a, for) fit : proper | De la plus belle eau, [fig] Of the first water | Un bel esprit, A wit : clever talker | Une belle fortune. [illness) * ttuiladie de poitrine : pliliaie I He is in , II ~ est phtisifjue [or poitrinaire] I Consump'live a. ou each other * CONTEMPORAIN- -E [* a.] _porar- :'... ne pas admettre : refuser Disappe'ar [diss-e-inre] [or, To be — ing] vn. needy : in want [.dearth DISEUR -EUSE [s,0] talker : reciter : 'dise^lse '| de bons mots, Wit | Diseuse de bonne aven- ture. ungraceful : awkward [-eusemenf -lly, -ly] DIS ENGLISH-FRENCH DIS dans les mots suivants se pr. instltuer [law) intenter INSTITU'TION [tio Oche-nn} _ | To become an Passer dans les monk's /^Instruct' va. Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2007 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OObelluoft ':ii KEY-WORD ABBREVIATIONS (Abreviations) The key- word 3 given between brackets f which most uf the following are abbreviations) are usually given in French for the French part, and vice versa. adverbe (steam-engine) airo adro)iai Uiq,ice, aviation math mathematiqiies agr agricidtitre mauv.jmrt, en mauvaise part : anat anatomic : anatomy in a depreciatory sense aiig anglais : Eng Ush me'c mecanique arch architect7tre m M medecine : chirurgie : - ! Ver.iailles (THIRD Ji DITION) )#^^ LONGMANS, GREEN & COMP 39 Paternoster Row. The features of that little book — its originality of arrangement and design, and its general usefulness — have been familiar, for many years, to innumerable travellers on both sides of the Channel and of the Atlantic: owing to its merits, it has in fact come to be regarded much more as the friend and companion of its possessor, than as a dictionary in the ordinary meaning of the wont. deplacer | MENT de- A point (S*) means silent, or ON" LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. ' batailleur ' : disputeur DISPU'TE d_ : contestation Iva.) disputer DISQUALIFICA'TION [law] tncapacite' [for, de) cause d'incapacite f^"^- Dechu Disqual'if y va. energique [-ally, -ment] En'ervate lenn'eur-vete'\ va. in : to break in : to smash through [ou up] 'to do for ..." | S' , To sink down : to knock one's self up, etc. to bury : to hide ENFOUISSEMENT" burjing Enfourcher" va. Hobby] EXFOURCHURE fork [branch] ENFOURNEMENT" putting ... ic [h asp, y a'l] H-YPERPHOSPHATE superphosphate H'ypnotiser" va. infatuer : affoler : s'engouer (with, de] INFATUA'TION _ : folie : entetement : en- gouement Infect' va. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS INN IN6ERENCE intervention : interference s'lng^rer' vr. To matriculate : to enter | it Mritime, Naval reserve [seamen (■ inscrits ') liable to serve in Fr. (Table 48) to inscribe : to enter : to set down : to register | 8' , To put one's name down : to enter one's name | S' en faux contre .... | Se faire Tohaveones name entered [ou put on the register] INSCRIT' naval reserv-ist [y.ln«ertp) sailing direc- tions (pi] par eorit et delibere. The case is coming on soon JUOULAIRE jugular vein : chin-strap : strap (under the chin] [a.) jugular (vein] JOK ENGLISH-FRENCH JUI JOKE Idjoke] bon mot : mot pour rire [joking) plaisanterie | Practical , Tour : malice | To crack a , Faire une P : dire un bon mot | That's no ! gaillard ; enjoue : joyeux | To liave a time of it, 'Passer du bon temps' | -BOAT petit canot | -looking a. this word] JOLT cahot [i.) cahoter | 'ING cabotage Jos'f le [st, ss] va. II se connait bien en [or a] II est connaisseur en ... juger : decider | To for o'self, Juger par soi-meme| Judging from ..., a en juger par ... ce mot] JUPON" petticoat JVRANDK wardenship Jurassique a. sworn : upon oath JUR£ juror : jurj-man | Jure -e a. judicial : legal [-ment* -Uv] JURISCONSULTE jurist : lawyer JURISPRUDENCE _ : law JURISTE _t [fam) la»Ter JURON" customary oatli : oath JURY [pi. as it [ou he, etc.] deserves | Frais de_, Lawexpenses | Kendre_a, Todo justice to [F. ensemble ' JUMP saut I High S en hauteur ( Long , ? haleter [fig) soupirer (apres] PAN'TILE [i di} tuile creuse : fcatiere PAN'TRY office PANTS (pi] pantalon [underwear) cale) locker : rack | d'AVIATION" aviation ground | _ a BOULET'S' shot-rack PARCAGE penning Ihuitres) laying down Parcellaire pemiche | PARR'AL [re-ll PARR'OT [re-f] perroquet Lracage Parr'y va. faire Vanalyse de : analyser ec)»e-nn\ taking part (a. PROFIT) PARTICIPE participle [For rules relating to the agreement of S, etc., V. | For the most , Pour la plupart \ In En partie | In the early [ou latter] of. in good Prendre en bonne part | To take ..."s , Prendre le parti de | What does he come from ? | From all s, De tous cdtes I In — s, [book] Par livraisons [mach) demonte -e | In these s [hereabouts] Dans ces parages | To all s of 'France. Tous les ^ pays du monde | In foreign s, a I'etranger /'Part V. derober : voler PUR'PLE Ipeurp'l] pourpre [tint or hue itself) pourpre : violet [a.) pourpre [fever) pimrpree iva.) empourprer | Pur'plish a. | For all s [uses] Pour tous les usages | For this a cet efifet | For the of .... 1 •.■ Wh ftre s word it almost Identical In the two languages, It is given in tlils list in French only, to save repetition. ■ ' argot : slang surgery astr astronomie met metal : metallurgy auto automobile : motor-car min niineralogie : mines bias blason : heraldry wilts ))uist7iie : music hot botaniqtte : botany on pr. The present volume is but the logical development of that work — reproducing its leading features, in more extended form, for the benefit of those who stay at home; and aiming to be as useful in the class-room, the office or the library, as its little forerunner has shown itself in the field of travel. rendre incapable : 'disqualifier' DISQUI'ET inqttietttde Iva.) inquieter DISQUISI'TION [zicfte-nn] examen (de, on] DIS'KEGAR'D insmiciance (for, pour] va. I To be of, Negliger DISREL'ISH degofit (for, pour] Disrep'utable [fe-ie-i]a.deshonorant [person) de mauvaise reputation | To fall into DIS- REPU'TE. infecter (with, de] INFECTION linn-fek'-c M-nn] _ : contagion Infec'tious [c7te-ss] a. par contagion NESS contagion : caractere contagieux A point (S*) means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. to creep in : to meddle, interfere Ingouvernable a. a tort IN'JURY linn-dje-re'] raal : tort : prejudice : atteinte [med) lesion [damage) dommage [■$) avaries (pi] To inflict on. Order to produce the proofs in writing | Juge d' , Examining magistrate INS in se pr. STOCK] JOBB'ERV tripotage : nianaettvres ind^icates JOBB'ING ouvrage a la tache [print) ouvrage de f i«e | STOCK- _, agiotage -HAND [typ] homme en co»i«ci«wce JOCKEY _ I Horse-—, Maquignon Joco'se [dje-kocej a. coudoyer | JOT iota : brin JOTT'INGS [pi] notes : retnarqties JOUR'NAL [lyeur'ne-f] [tech) tourillon ('JOUR'NEY voyage [distance) trajet [vn.) •I voyager | On a En V | On the , En ^s route I With liberty to break the , Avec I faculte d'arret (at, a, dans] One's 'S END, ;§ Sa destination \ -WORK journee T JOUR'NEYMAN [pi. JUDG'MENT jugement : sentence : opinion JU'DICATURE cour de justice -.justice Judl'cial a. _s] _ D3^ Idjo H-re'i Banc du _, Jury-box j Chef du Foreman of the J ! Law, & Palais] [ia _ de PAIX' in France decides debts not above 300 francs. [the I week, ou month] Dans les premiers [or der- ,^ niers] jours de | Of the one , the other , s. [from, with , de) separer : se s [witli, de) ^ se defaire [into, en) partager [cable) rompre 'S [company) fausser cotnpa^ie | ^vith, se I defaire de : se separer de | My reason for _ing V with him is .... purpurin A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL" L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.

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Neither is it easy to express my sense of obligation to the un-named and innumerable helpers, whether in France or in this country, who have contributed to the enriclmient of these pages. I especially record with gratitude my obligation to my friend Leopold Cust, whose contributions (especially in the field of technical renderings) have left their permanent mark on the text of the vocabulary. The phonetic spelling thus shown after a S're Hch word is, of course, intended for the use of the Knglish reader, and vice versa ; and. as in "tftin" and "rtine:" yet with the simple assistance given under the heading TH and the corresponding marks of " fbrt " or " ft Uble " opposite each word, any Frenchman can sound either of these combinations very nearly as it ought to be sounded. ADVI'SER conseiller] Spiritual _, Directeur AD'VOCACY [fceeel difinse : plaidoyer AO'VOCATE \}c€\ avocat : defenseur : partisan | 1X1. arranged AQENCEMENT' ordering : grouping : order Agencer' va. [in, de] vetir : parer ATT'ITUDE a— [painting, acting) Dose A point (S') means silent, or ON" LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. tive AUGMENTATION" _ : increase [de prix) advance : rise Augmenter' v. to-day : this day : now : AULOFFEE | Defiez V—\ Dice! AUMo NE alms : charity | JJIB al'monry AUMONIER" chaplain | —l ERE small bag /AUNAGE length : measuring ^AUNE ell I Long d'nne , A yard long s AUNE alder [a comme o dans sort] t AUN^E elecampane : starwort ^Auner' va. before : before now : pre- viously : first : once Aupr^s" prep, [de, ...] near : by : close to : to : next to : in comparison with | ad. to correct : to reform : to Improve | des epreuves. To cheat (at cards] Se , To correct [ou cure] o's : to improve Corroboranf -e a. ive CORROBORATION" [med^ strengthening Corroborer" va. to corrupt [acheter) to bribe Iviaiide) to taint | Cforrompu -e pp. to strengthen : to give body to | Se , To become serious : to put on one's corset CORSET" _ : stays (pi] bodice C0RSETIER"-1£RE stay-maker CORTEGE ' ° : procession : train | En grand Corveable a. [cargo, gun) decharger '2 [debt) acquitter [duty) remplir [dismiss) con- i J gedier : renvoyer [prisoner) elargir : mettre en liberte [Ru'i^) dechar

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