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When Michael and Sam arrive at the hospital, they are directed to the morgue where they find Abby's dead body.

Michael blames himself for her death, since he was the one who sent her away on the trip to get her away from the man abusing Abby's friends.

However after a long conversation and a brief run in with Kiefer's best friend, during which Abby defended Michael, she came around and accepts Michael's offer to go on a date.

Carly continues to disapprove of Michael and Abby's relationship and tries to keep them apart, but both Michael and Abby warn Carly to stay out of their relationship.

Michael and Sam search for the guy doing the beatings, and Michael convinces ELQ's CEO, Tracy Quartermaine-Spencer, to send Abby out of town on business.

Abby is excited to go out of town on her first business trip.

On November 17, Michael and Abby ran into each another on the docks and decided to exchange phone numbers.

On December 10, Michael asked Abby out, she agreed and they decided to start dating.

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Later on one of their dates, they both admitted to enjoying their talks and spending time with one another.

While Abby searches for another job and Michael comes to terms with the events in his life, they continue to date, and soon decide to go on their first real date together at her apartment.

On March 28, Michael and Abby make love for the first time.

The two later bump into one another at Kelly's Diner, while Michael is with his cousin, Molly.

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Abby admits that she does like Michael and would really like to see him again.

He momentarily freezes during this recollection but when he breaks out of it, he begins to beat Brandon until Jason comes and pulls him off of him.