Centralab pot dating who is john malkovich dating

21-Oct-2019 11:28

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discrepancies in the radiocarbon dating area of the turin shroud

I think it is important to compare Centralabs that have the same reading with lets say new CTS with same reading before any judgment.But this experiment with the old Centralabs was almost chocking good. New CTS pots, while quiet good, do not have the same clarity/transparency that the Centralabs had.I think the reason they last a long time is the size of the track.I had to take one of mine apart - contact cleaner wouldn't fix it, so kill or cure - and where newer pots have a thin smear of carbon the old Centralabs have quite a thick layer there. Well the reason they're not cloned I should think, comes down to cost.The pot has a 30 day return if I don't like it or it doesn't work.

Unless it's cleaned off really well the pot could not work right. Is that buildup also the source of why a pot becomes harder to turn? The experience is night and day, in terms of sound and functionality.

Unless it's cleaned off really well the pot could not work right. One thing with buying old pots is to get a can of Caig Deoxit D-5 "contact restorer". when (what years) did the quality of Centralabs start going downhill, and what is the correct taper for Les Pauls?

Every time you move the pot shaft, you are scraping a brass arm across the carbon track. The D5 is the cleaner which also lubes, the F5 is the lube which also cleans.. I think the D5 has more cleaner than lube and the F5 has more lube than cleaner.. I've seen Centralabs from the 70/80's advertised just wondering if they were any good.

I cleaned it, re-tensioned the wiper, lubricated it and it's been perfect for years since. Cost more to make a wider track that's 500k vs a narrow track that's 500k.. I know there are some here who have had pots custom made, maybe they can chime in.

Yes indeed there are something speciall about the old Centralabs. Some say that the Centralabs stop around -65, is that true? I think it comes down to the material used for the track..As to the Centralabs, I have since found out that one of the secrets to their tone and why they have generally lasted so long is because the carbon track has a percentage of lead added in.

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