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23-Aug-2020 22:28

actress in 2004, shortly after Nixon's divorce to photographer Danny Mozes.The pair welcomed their first son, Max Ellington, in 2011 and wed in 2012.

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), it’s still fun to ogle at the stars who married outside of the elusive Hollywood circle.

After a 12-year-long friendship, including the Oscar-winning actor walking the runway shirtless for a charity fashion show Bagshawe organized, the two began dating in 2012 and eventually married in 2014.

in 2011, the actor explained that he saw his now-wife across the bar and made it his mission to talk to her.

Though definitely nowhere near a plebe like us, Alamuddin was far from a celebrity in the traditional sense when she met Clooney.

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Alamuddin, a human rights attorney, first met the actor in 2013 at his vacation home in Lake Como, where she attended as the plus-one of a mutual friend.married, they are long-term partners and were engaged once in 1992.