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The date is presented in years before present (BP). The calibration program used to produce the calibrated medians and calibrated 2 sigma ranges.This is the reference for the calibrated dates presented in the table.The results window will display the following fields: site name, site number; lab number; conventional radiocarbon age; LA report number; and view.All search results can be sorted by site name, site number, lab number, conventional radiocarbon age, or LA report number.Date or date range searches may also be restricted to a specific parish.The decision not to include a calibrated date search was based on the fact that the calibrated dates are subject to change depending on the calibration program used and the continual improvements in the calibration curve.The earlier radiocarbon dates in this database were calculated using an estimated correction factor.

The website offers five basic ways to search the database.

The conventional date is the raw/measured radiocarbon date that has been normalized to the modern standard through the use of C13/C12 correction factor.

Always use this date and the associated correction factor when calibrating or recalibrating a date.

Fields from the original database that have been maintained are material, provenience, measured radiocarbon age, C12/C13 (now headed as correction factor), conventional radiocarbon age (CRA) BP, Calibrated (Cal) median B. Fields added to the database are the LA report number, calibration reference (if known), and references (all known references on a date not just the primary reference).

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For ease of use and for those who may not be familiar with radiocarbon dating a brief description of each of these terms follows: Each archaeological site in Louisiana is assigned a unique number consisting of three parts.

Reported contextual information on where the sample was obtained. This date is not always referenced in the database due to the fact that it may not have been referenced in the publication.