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21-Jan-2020 00:03

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Love and romance are very important to Leo people, and they love the idea of giving their immense hearts to someone special, and likewise being praised and idolised by a doting lover in return.Of course, in today’s society especially, finding partners able to keep the old ideals of romantic courtship and emotional devotion alive can prove pretty difficult from time to time.But when did a Leo ever rely on anyone but themselves to tell them what is and isn’t lucky?

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This not only makes every step more manageable, and amplifies the sense of achievement when won, but it also aligns a Leo’s plans with good luck.

Going deeper still, at age 22, Leo people often experience an intense romance – or another major life event, such as a new career or overcoming a long-standing illness, even a financial windfall – that goes on to shape much of their life.

The number 4 is a very lucky number for the Leo individual – and it’s perhaps no coincidence that if you take our last number, 22, and break it down into two plus two, it adds up to four.

And of course, number 1 also stands for chapter 1 of a new beginning, and seeking new experiences is always important to these folks.

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A less obvious lucky number for Leo is 22, although once you delve into the symbolism behind this number and how well it matches with the Leo personality, it makes a great deal of sense.Whenever a Leo is born though, they tend to have their best lucky when, even unknowingly, incorporating the number 4 into their life path.

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