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In short, the mountain goat is an animal capable of subsisting on scraps of vegetation in some of the world’s remotest places, yet is more than willing to exert itself to climbing steep rocky inclines to get to where they need to be.

So too are Capricorn people confident and sure-footed, likely to plan a meticulous path to what they want that could well be years in advance of actually attaining the goal.

With that in mind, will the symbolic goats of Capricorn nuzzle one another under pastoral blue skies, or will they lock horns and go their separate ways?

With so many dynamics to consider, it can be exhausting to get to the bottom of this pairing without some inside knowledge.

Often, Capricorn people don’t even recognise their own emotional depths, and sudden feelings of outrage, joy, jealousy or sadness can come as a shock.

He’s good with money, and definitely good at making it – he rapidly establishes through some kind of self-analysis hidden even to his own conscious mind what his most bankable talents are, and aligns himself with a career that capitalises on those.

Of course, the Capricorn woman won’t take any nonsense from the Capricorn man either, and over time could find his posturing somewhat insufferable.

While he’s a gentleman, and certainly knows how to treat a woman well, the Capricorn man has a penchant for peacocking that the Capricorn woman finds tiresome.

He doesn’t rest or slouch in doing so either, able to draw upon tremendous reserves of quiet, almost stoic energy as he makes his way in the world.

His rivals never see him until he’s already on top, and his friends – few, but carefully chosen – cheer for him every step of the way.

Indeed, while it’s star signs like Scorpio who tend to get the reputation for being brooding, unfathomable, dressing in black and marching to the beat of their own drum, in truth the same can often be said of Capricorn folks – they just keep their secrets even more expertly.