Can i chat with audrey bitoni

01-Aug-2020 20:00

She must have been running through your mind all night...She was dancing at Deja Vu in Tampa, which is ~ 40 minutes or so from my home in Saint Petersburg. I came for the show but she went on stage closer to am because the club was somewhat empty (bad for her but good for me).Some guy posted a rumor that Audrey would be doing her first IR scene this year, possibly for Vince Vouyer but has since never replied to the thread so it seems to be erroneous nonsense at this point.It would be epic to see Audrey sucking black cock but I don't expect it to happen after reading about her refusal to see black clients.But if she is denying black clients for her escort service that raises the questions of racism.Link to the article or explanation for her bigotry? Edited by - atlas on 10/12/2010 PMEdited by - atlas on 10/12/2010 PM Atlas, there's a big long topic about Audrey Bitoni's first IR over at [link inactive: Server error]Jules Jordan Video Forums.Sometimes I wear a blue leisure suit to watch her movies because she makes me want to dress up and be a better man. I can't believe that Audrey's been in porn for four years either; time certainly does fly. She's no longer with LA Direct and work has been sparse with Audrey but it's comforting to know that she's still making movies.

She seems that she would fit well fucking black men.

I don't remember when I first saw her on video but she immediately became a favorite performer of mine. She's beautiful and an enthusiastic performer doing hot nasty things.

You're a great guy for providing that pleasure of Audrey Bitoni looking so hot.

I had front row seats when she went on stage and tipped her with oodles of ones; ones are cheap (they cost ~1$ each) so I can afford showering her with them.

When I spoke to her afterwords, I told her that it was this slow everywhere these days and the slowness had nothing to do with her.

Her boobs are like speedbumps that stop traffic or bouys on the river that tell boatists to slow to 5 mph so their boats don't leave any wake.