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25-Aug-2020 23:03

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The way to validate the user input fields varies between applications and used technology and is beyond the scope of this blog post.Depending on the project at hand, there are many approaches to validating data inputs.In the Validating event-handling method, you can validate user input in several ways.For example, if you have a text box that must contain a postal code, you can perform the validation in the following ways: The Validating event is supplied an object of type Cancel Event Args.

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Here is the way the upper example can be written with this pattern: private IValidator _validator; Result Update User Name Async(int user Id, string user Name) public class Identifier Should Be Positive : IValidation Rule public class String Should Not Be Null Or White Space: IValidation Rule This approach relies on the fact that almost all of your services must return some kind of result. This is the perfect opportunity to use the C# feature of extensions that adds validation and mapping methods. Write Line($"Subject: ") ' Display message body. Write Line("Body:") Dim body As String = If(String. Validating user input is one of the most important things in any system.The Format event on a data binding can be used to reformat incoming data to comply with the mask, and the Parse event can be used to reformat outgoing data to comply with the specifications of the data field. If you want full programmatic control over validation, or need to perform complex validation checks, you should use the validation events built into most Windows Forms controls.

Each control that accepts free-form user input has a Validating event that will occur whenever the control requires data validation.

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