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Brian J Smith Twitter Questions - Critically acclaimed and wrongly perceived sexaholic Brian J Smith answers many of the fans questions on Stargate Universe in this latest video featurette to... Most of the time, a tabloid will contact them and say they have a story or photos of them with another man that they're about to publish and does the celebrity want to comment or, better still, they quash the story if the celeb comes out exclusively in their rag while they put a 100% positive spin on it. Either that or they say "fuck you" to the tabloids and come out on instagram or youtube the next day (like Tom Daley)."He's a good looking guy but he needs to get out in the sun more and get something done about all those moles all over his chest.Maybe a good tan would mask all those moles."Yeah, baking in the sun and getting melanoma is a great way to deal with moles Okay, I'm unclear: how the FUCK have you cunts gone MONTHS now without dissecting the Insta account of his bf?He is a good-lucking guy, and he comes off as very believably straight in Sense8, definitely one of the gay actors who is able to play the straight leading man. Thanks to the rantings of some "shove it down our throats" asshole on another forum, and my reading about him here in the past, I decided to join Netflix just so I could watch Sense8 last night. Which is amusing because an old co-star kind of implied Brian was gay in this interview.[quote]WCT: Who plays Trey, your partner? He doesn't have to risk not having a career because strangers want him to come out of the closet. Here is Brian denying, for a second time, that he is gay.Though Brian (so far, at least) isn't playing a gay character in this show, he's a wonderful performer, and could hardly be hotter. You can't say he is glass closeted, he is a complete closet case in his public life.God, you just know Brian is like "why did you bring up the time I got road train on in a sling up? This was definitely the best moment of the google hang out. He has been quite the Grindr whore in the past, especially when he's on location somewhere. Plus, he has a very active Instagram account just for his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cassie, and it might be the most hilariously gay thing in the world.Sense8 got renewed for another season on Netflix, which may be why he got killed off after only one episode on Quantico. My friend got to know him in Atlanta when he was there for the quickly forgotten TNT remake of Coma. @thecavaliercassie Instagram post by Hank Cain • Feb 9, 2017 at pm UTC 3,726 Likes, 61 Comments - Hank Cain (@flyhankcain) on Instagram: “#tbt to snorkeling in Hawaii with these handsome fellas!I'm also shocked Cagney&Lacey reboot isn't going forward. R161, the "pussies" are anonymous people who bash the looks of gorgeous celebs while refusing to post their own pictures, because they know they'd get called out for being uglier than the celebs they are bashing. Some actors are so handsome or beautiful that they seem to be part of a different reality than me.

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Max Riemelt and Brian J Smith Kissing (SENSE8 Will & Wolfgang) Max and Brian kissing because fans asked them to while they were in a parade in Brazil (recording Sense8) [I don't know who recorded this video but I took it...

I'm not so sure about "believably straight." There's quite a bit of gay in him. Since Universe was cancelled, he's largely gone back to stage work in NYC and I think it's fair to say he's now in the glass closet.