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The world’s oldest pair of trumpets were found in the tomb of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun.Superstitious beliefs surround this pair of trumpets as they are believed to have the magical powers to summon war.If you’re a trumpet player and you want to play while you’re on the road, the pocket trumpet is a great choice because it easily fits inside of a suitcase, which is something you cannot say for a regular trumpet.

Because of this, the flugelhorn is often used in jazz music because even though you play this instrument just like you would a regular trumpet, the sound is very different, being very subtle and relaxing.Bugles are similar to trumpets, yet there are no valves on them.Because every note is a result of the player’s mouth and lip position only, these instruments don’t play as many notes as a regular trumpet does.Cornets and trumpets cannot be used interchangeably because their two sounds are completely different.

Cornets have flared bells and narrow tubes, resulting in the sound that you hear when the instrument is played.These instruments are most often used in drum and bugle corps bands and other musical groups.