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22-Jun-2020 00:29

Bose’s improved coherer design would miraculously appear in Marconi’s transatlantic wireless receiver two years later.

The circumstances are somewhat shady – Marconi’s story about how he came up with the design varied over time, and there were reports that Bose’s circuit designs were stolen from a London hotel room while he was presenting his work.

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Bose also did early work in semiconductor detectors.

The invited guests were amazed by the demonstration that Adrisya Alok, or “Invisible Light” as Bose would summarize it in a later essay, could pass through walls, doors, and in a particularly daring feat of showmanship, through the body of the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal.

Bose’s wireless demonstration was remarkable for a couple of reasons.

The 1895 demonstration also used microwave signals instead of the low and medium frequency waves that Marconi and others were working with.

Bose recognized early on that shorter wavelengths would make it easier to explore the properties of radio waves that were similar to light, like reflection, refraction, and polarization.

But in those 24 square feet, equipped with instruments of his own design and paid for at his expense, Bose would work wonders and begin to engineer the embryonic field of radio.

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