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While allowing his women to sleep with other men is very controversial, I really admire his objective, rational philosophy and how he has structured his life around maximum freedom and long term happiness. Hey, sometimes it's the other guys girl, you're just borrowing her.I don't get to bent out of shape on this stuff either.The “Must Have” Bible For Becoming A True Fearless Natural….This is a Jam-Packed, “How To” Guide that is different than anything you’ve ever learned about how to approach, meet and interact with women.He states that monogamy doesn't work and is counter-productive to long term happiness.Because of this he never promises to be monogamous with his women and allows them the freedom to sleep with other men.I call this Men’s Mastery Series for guys age 22-32 “Adult Adolescence” because this time of your life is a really tough age.You have so much going on at the same time — working on your career, some of your friends start getting married while some are still single, some of you want relationships while some are completely not in that place.

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Probably his biggest stand-out trait is his attitude to non-monogamy.You will learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to bring women into your life, and how to keep them in your life, on your terms.This system contains only proven principles and techniques, that I and others have practiced and gleaned results from over a period of many years. Volume One – How To Fill Your Calendar With Dates Using Online Dating Blackdragon Volume Two – Dating Women Getting To Sex As Quickly As Possible Volume Three – How To Create And Mantain Open Relationships With Women Volume Four – Improve Your Online Dating Results Volume Five – How To Attract and Date Younger Women Volume Six – How To Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage Take a Journey Towards Your Life’s Greatest Spiritual Evolution Awaken Your Divinity in 16 Key Areas of Life in this Soul-Stirring Quest with Legendary Author & Spiritual Messenger Neale Donald Walsch Are you ready to learn how to start getting text messages on a DAILY basis from multiple girls?I mean, I've got MY girl, who I love and takes great care of me, but the rest I don't expect much out of.

They're in and out of your life, they'll be obsessively in love, they'll run hot and cold or whatever, and then they're gone.Is there anything in particular that stands out to you as being full of shit? I've had girls come back out of the blue months or years later to start fucking me after leaving because I wouldn't commit. A common occurrence with Alphas in nonmonogamous relationships where a woman leaves the Alpha, who will not give her monogamy, so she can get a traditional boyfriend or husband who will.

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