Black widow dating service

11-Feb-2020 16:54

First, while Black Widow may trust her teammates, she obviously doesn't trust them with everything.

" But it's exactly those words that describe the first onscreen meeting between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff. She pulls a gun on him and the supposedly nonexistent S. We've watched her battle her fellow Avengers, easily deal with the incredible shrinking Ant-Man, stroll through secured facilities taking out bad guys like a bored Jason Bourne, trade bullets and blows with a cybernetic assassin, and play pod-racing with alien scooters over the streets of New York City — and we've seen her do it all while staying cool under fire. In one of the more visually memorable parts of , the Hulk crashes through the Helicarrier after Black Widow, eventually backhanding her into a wall before being interrupted by Thor. Even though the battle is continuing throughout the Helicarrier, Widow is sitting and clearly recovering from her terror., Black Widow is abruptly pulled off an assignment in Russia to recruit Bruce Banner to help find the stolen Tesseract. We've only seen her completely lose her cool once, and that was during her first encounter with an enraged Hulk in When Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk aboard S. It's the only time we've seen her like this in all of the films.We've seen her scared, sure, but even after seeing her in battles with armies of robots and getting choked out by Bucky's metal arm, we've never seen her utterly traumatized except in this moment., the close quarters and raw emotions get things hot and heavy. For their dreamed-of love affair to work, they would have to hide themselves and remain hidden, while remaining ready to drop everything and run at any given moment. His answer is a little vague, but he implies that he saw the potential. You hope for the best." So what was it Nick Fury saw in Banner and Romanoff to make him think they might pair off?

Luckily for Ross, Banner, and both the owner and any other guests of the motel — Banner is wearing a heart monitor on his wrist when they start making out. A simple matter of the old cliché that "opposites attract?

But calling their pairing surprising isn't just a comic book purist's complaint. Romanoff hires a little girl to lure Banner to a shack away from the city, under the false pretense that her father is sick. But they're not exactly the foundation to build a lasting relationship of love and trust.