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This is the Ian Gallagher that Mickey Milkovich deserved. A tale of love, heartache, passion and willpower as two strong people go to great lengths to take care of each other and have their long awaited happy ending.Lip's girlfriends always seem to want to know all about his relationship with Ian.Speaking of the Gallaghers, Ian's pretty sweet, isn't he?AU where gallavich are roommates and fall in love again in a different universe.Everyone loves him except for Ian who is the school bad boy, always in trouble, in and out of juvie.During a party, Ian will overhear Mickey's boyfriend confess that he's only dating Mickey because the nerd does his research and homework for school. I mean, Fiona practically disowned him, he fucked up his chances of ever joining the army, it's not like he has a boyfriend.A quiet night under the full moon has more consequences than anyone could have anticipated.Ian just wants to relax by the fire with his brother and their friend.

This is the Ian Gallagher that Mickey Milkovich needed.Ian gets an idea.(Altered Summary) Turns out all Ian needed was a reason. Nin Gallagher (paternalgreat-grandmother)Neville Gallagher (paternal grandfather)Sarah Gallagher (paternal grandmother; deceased)Joan Dallimore (maternal grandmother; deceased)Frank Gallagher (father)Monica Gallagher (mother)Fiona Gallagher (sister)Ian Gallagher (half brother)Carl Gallagher (brother)Debbie Gallagher (sister)Liam Gallagher (brother)Delia Gallagher (half sister)Nigel Gallagher (half brother)Stella Gallagher (sister)Ben Gallagher (brother)Katie Maguire (daughter)Unnamed nephew (Fiona's son Mandy Maguire (ex-girlfriend, Katie's mother) Phillip "Lip" Gallagher (born 1988) is the eldest son and second child of Frank and Monica Gallagher.But, as always, in order to relish in sweet love they must go through obstacles.

Personal and past issues haunting them, the pain they endured preventing them to delve deep. Would they really go against all the signs and overlook the past for each other, for him?Ian finds out when he walks in on Lip and Mandy one day and hears her asking about whether they'd ever practiced making out when they were younger.

“Quite frankly, the truth is there’s no guaranteed way to get your ex back,” Donna said. If your ex wants to come back, that’s the only way they’ll come back.” In Donna’s private coaching practice, she helps her clients get out of their own way so they can get in a relationship.… continue reading »

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