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Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version) came out ten years ago, so it looks like I've been listening to the soundtrack nonstop for a decade.

Some facts about Pride and Prejudice are well known; I remember that the movie was slightly controversial when it first came out, mostly because some purists were annoyed that the beautiful it girl of the day was cast as their beloved Elizabeth.

Wesleyan, Wesley place, New Road side (mixed), William Shaw, master.

Board, Wesley place, New Road side, Miss Annie Knowles, infants’ mistress.

Any woman would surely love to spend a few hours conversing over drinks or dinner in the company of such an admirable man. So when Mr Elton – another English country vicar (why are men of the cloth so drawn to you?? Your friend Lizzy landed herself the incomparable Mr Darcy, it’s true.

But try to imagine sharing dinner or a movie on a date with Mr Elton or the Reverend Collins. It’s bad enough that your mother has invited Mr Collins to Sunday dinner; to add insult to injury, she pushes him at you over the roast beef and mash and makes no secret of her fervent hope that you and he will marry. To spend the rest of your days shackled to such a ridiculous, self-important man is unthinkable. Nevertheless, you’re persuaded to meet him at Starbucks for coffee the following Saturday. “I really must fly,” you inform him brightly, and set your cup down. “It was a tolerable cup of coffee, I daresay, although the beans that Lady Catherine grinds for her own special Rosings blend is far superior to this. But how much better, you think smugly as you address the last envelope, to spend your days in wedded bliss with a pleasant, smiling man and not a scowling, moody git like Darcy.

After his arrest for driving with false number plates in January 1981, the police questioned him about the killings, and he confessed to being the perpetrator.

Latin, modern languages & literature, mathematics & natural science: the fees for boys under 13 amount to £3 & for boys above 13 £4 per annum: there are six exhibitions, yearly value £6 each, tenable for three years, and open to boys from any of the public elementary schools in the ancient parish of Bingley: the Rev. Board school, Mornington road (mixed), erected in 1877, for 650 children, at a cost of £9,000 including site and Board offices.While I know that some felt like this movie cheapened Pride and Prejudice by making it more mainstream, it seems that everyone from director Joe Wright to the many actors cared deeply about making this iteration as perfect as possible.