Bind updating outside zone

22-Jul-2020 19:50

If the TCP/IP settings for a member computer specify the IP address of a public DNS server—perhaps at an ISP or DNS vendor or the company’s public-facing name server—the TCP/IP resolver won’t find Service Locator (SRV) records that advertise domain controller services, LDAP, Kerberos and Global Catalog.

Without these records, a member computer can’t authenticate and get the information it needs to operate in the domain.

Also, the more experience you have, the more likely you are to make your DNS infrastructure complex, inviting the attention of Mr.

Murphy and other elements of chaotic cosmic calamity.

I have a simple component which calls a REST api every few seconds and receives back some JSON data.

I can see from my log statements and the network traffic that the JSON data being returned is changing, and my model is being updated, however, the view isn't changing.

If you’re an experienced Windows system engineer, they may seem a little trivial.

But even the most highly trained and savvy administrator can get in a hurry and make a mistake.

I was hoping that it would be as simple as adding a new host record, but then I forgot that it would automatically add the domain.local suffix.

I have tried to setup a reverse zone as 10.10.and perform 'update add' commands sending addresses like .10.and, in all cases, the update fails with NOTZONE. When I'm NOT using dynamic dns I have a zone file that is ORIGIN and just post manual entries that look like ".10.

bind complains "update failed: update RR is outside zone (NOTZONE)". PTR" and reverse resolution works fine.

Either way, the SOA that is returned is that of the zone you need to update, and whatever is contained in the SOA. unix

MNAME is going to be the preferred target server for the update. If you are updating 10.10.then ALL the update/prerequiste requests must have records names that end in 10.10.

I lost at least 3 hours just for this stupid mistake.

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