Belinda stronach dating peter mckay intimidating cambodian delicacy

03-Aug-2020 12:31

Belinda is a prostitute in so far as politics are concerned; she proved that by getting into bed with the Liberals. I'm no fan of Stronach but it seems to me she is not a stupid woman and unless one is hiding under the bed or in the trunk no one knows for sure. The courts don't want to hear this kind of foolishness and there is no need for it . And what is Stronach going to say that is different from what she said ? Note that Belinda Stronach never actually denied having an affair with Tie Domi in that statement.

It challenges disbelief to think that this whoring of hers is merely confined to the Commons. There seems to be an element in our societies that look for this kind of crap. Kind of like her pal Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman". You know, Peter Mc Kay must be having some mixed thoughts right about now.

"I have a job to do in public life and I will continue to work with my constituents in areas of importance to Newmarket-Aurora and to the country.

I will also continue to be involved in the competitiveness of our economy, job creation, democratic reform, women's issues, girls' education, and issues around poverty in Africa on the global scale.

Anyway, people got their panties in a twitch for no reason, because ‘Clef is ineligible for the presidency: The hat Wyclef Jean had tossed into the political ring has been tossed back.

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Everyone kind of freaked out because Wylcef didn’t seem to have the political chops to run for anything, really, considering his past is littered with financial and sexual indiscretions, and because he didn’t really seem to have a plan for Haiti in general.

The Domis arrived at a last minute temporary settlement earlier this week, just an hour before their divorce proceeding was set to hit the courts.

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