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17-Sep-2020 03:57

Tanya got me a nice dildo as a prank, I must admit though, I used it more than once.

I had quite a few friends in my building, we often visited each other or baby sat and things like that which brings me to an interesting turn of events.

She packed a bag so I assumed she had decided to spend the night at my apartment.

My father’s only two rules about staying there was that I stayed alone and no boys but a girlfriend sleeping over now and then was OK.

My father is a very wealthy man, there was nothing in life that I ever needed that I didn’t get.

He made sure I did not come to expect an easy ride though, he had very high expectations and wanted me to make it on my own.

To cut a very long story short, this became a regular thing and I started longing for a guy of my own to fuck.

I began to consider the guys at NYU, but after a few failed attempts, I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to find anyone I would fuck.

I was very surprised when she pulled out a telescope and aimed it at the window“You can’t do that!

” I told her“Oh just chill, I just wanna see what the fuss was about.”It took some time but eventually she got to see him.

By this time it was already dark so by keeping the lights off no one could see us and we could see that he had a lady friend with him.

It had been about an hour since they fucked and he was hard again.

His girlfriend started giving him a blowjob and I couldn’t look away.Late one evening, after a lengthy and exhausting study session, I packed up my books and made myself a coffee.