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Among the guests were families, local laborers, and misfits from many nations.Some were broke South American cowboys; others immigrants from Italy, England, Wales, and America.“He thought that if he left me alone with the other Beatles even for a minute, I might go off with one of them.” He also admitted to Yoko that he regretted never bedding his mother, Julia, who was struck and killed by a speeding off-duty cop’s car when John was 17.Lennon, whose sexual appetite was voracious, taunted Yoko between the sheets, saying, “You just lie there and think of England.” He also cheated in her presence.

Tonight it was the Brazilian samba, plus a new style that was just emerging in Argentina, the melancholy tango.

Julian, Lennon’s son with Cynthia, was all but ignored by the absentee musician, who would go for years without seeing him.

In the rare moments he shared with his son, Lennon could be abusive.

It was a perfect combination, that night in early 1904: a warm spring evening, a house full of the great, and a yard full of the good. Julio Lezama, accompanied by the chief of police, military surveyors, and various political functionaries.

And the good: That would be the 80 or so people standing on the grass, almost the entire population of this remote valley in the Andes.And then they were groping and all that, and we were all quiet,” Yoko recalled.