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Business and reputation developed quickly and well.

During it's first 40 years, GBD was honored with 15 medals of achievement on important international fairs worldwide.

Especially Adolphe Oppenheimer had a burning interest in the pipe business, and Louis' son James Adler shared that. In 1916 the ledgers registered that 18,000 of 27,000 dozens bowls manufactured in Saint-Claude were determined via GBD Paris for GBD London.

He should play the most important role in the amicable merger of GBD. Wherewith London had become the more important location.

August Marechal and Ferdinand Ruchon led the firm into the 20th century.

They were in charge of the company for more than 50 years.

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They agreed on the acronym GBD selecting the initials of their surnames. Meanwhile the GBD name was well established and thus retained.

After the war, GBD continued production both in London and in Paris.