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I’ve become oddly focused on how my leg feels, all of the time. I’ve never met the man, have never seen the Tragically Hip live in concert.Walking my dogs each morning typically my focus is “true crime podcasts”, but with each step I take I am aware of every tiny twinge, or feeling in my leg. I like their music, can’t say I love it but I enjoy a lot of their songs.That’s because we (my husband Glenn and I) made a decision to talk about it. For the first time in each of our lives there was something unattainable no matter how hard we worked to get it. Because when we were on the infertility “journey” no one was talking. We couldn’t achieve one of the most basic human life stages – we couldn’t conceive a child. I had never really “really” thought “what if I can’t get pregnant? I had (full disclosure) a couple of panicky days in my twenties when my period was late and I thought “what if what if what if” and spent a day or two alternating between freaking out about the possibility of being pregnant and wondering what this wonder child would look like. (she’s reading it as you do, I’m not sending it to her first…) I will NEVER forget the day that my girl came by my place, my backyard, to “drop a cheque” for our little adventure here. He is, hands down, the best co-host I’ve been blessed to work with. In my 50 years on this earth, I have gone through many changes. Many times when I’ve had to weigh the pros and cons of staying where I am vs. Then, making the choice to leave my family in Edmonton and move to Vancouver, be completely on my own…for the first time. In the past 15 years it has meant having faith in my gut instincts and starting a family at 38. ) What the heck was a 45 year old mother of 3, with a full-time job doing teaching fitness? ” So I studied the group fitness program, got licensed to teach Zumba, closed my eyes, and jumped. Claire Martin, Sarah Daniels and I have been planning this place for years, since we first connected and celebrated our mutual admiration, and we are very excited to take our baby steps toward growing a true community.When starting the planning stages of — the VERY FIRST person I thought of as a contributor was JVH. In the past 5 years, it has meant developing a completely new career path, adding to my repertoire of working in the TV news industry, and expanding into the fitness industry. My first job was as a sub for an established instructor at a small dance studio. One night recently, I found myself alone in a hotel room casting around for something to do. Our team is amazing — check out our contributors, it is ever-growing.We also recommend that you do not allow your browser or other password management services to remember your password, especially on shared and/or public devices.

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I have felt every emotion known to man over the years: fear, anger, self pity, defiance you name it. ” but the bottom line in all of this is that cancer is part of my life and the challenge is to overcome it, not to allow it to control me or my future.Engrained in my mind are the words the emergency doctor uttered before realizing I had two clots, not one, “If you feel it behind your knee then get back here- that’s where it will lodge before breaking loose- and you don’t want it to go any higher or then you’ll be in trouble.” Her words bounce around in my head often. Downie’s been on my mind because of what he’s living with, something that could, and likely will, end his life.. Watching his recent interview with Peter Mansbridge on CBC I found it inspiring.When I get out of bed in the morning and I step down onto the floor I’m focussed — you see that’s when I first felt the oddness in my calf. He is living life to its fullest – for as long as he can.I also like to hang out at the the Catfe in the I’m only about a year and five months old, and I’m looking for a fun place where I can play! Bring string toys if you want to get in my good books. I like to get out and explore my surroundings, so a home with outdoor access is pretty important to me. The other awful story — that IMHO was a catalyst for great change, in Canada at least — Jian Ghomeshi. I’m disgusted by the Old Boys Club message being put out by a man with a 50/50 shot at the White House. As one of the first women to be allowed into professional sport locker-rooms, I can tell you, there is not a rape culture in there. I come at this subject from a different perspective now. At this point I won’t go into the emotional wreckage that experience leaves behind, but I’ve now tentatively tested the waters of the dating pool. (They are always gold or silver, have a turn signal on for no reason, and a Kleenex box in the back window. In the Toronto neighbourhood I live in, there’s a busy intersection; Bayview and Moore. All I’m asking for is that someone pulls out a map.

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An incredible tale of predatory behaviour, behaviour . I’m disgusted by anyone, for that matter, who thinks it’s his right – if his wallet is big enough – to act the role of the Dirty Old Man. Many of us, of a certain age, grew up in this culture of women as objects, women as something to own or control. If there’s a traffic jam, trust me, they’re involved.) I just wanna get from point A to Point B. Bayview becomes the Bayview Extension, – which has links to the Don Valley Parkway, – I digress. Because the intersection I mentioned earlier has been a clusterf*ck since the Labour Day weekend.

He immediately said “I’m in, anything with you.” (see? Making change in our lives, as much as it scares the crap out of us, can also be exhilarating. If there is one incredible silver lining to come from all of the ugliness in the news over the last year, or so, it is that victims of sexual assault are feeling safe enough to step forward. There are many nervous men checking their behaviour — and they should. No, I didn’t watch porn, which I gather is a popular pastime among men alone in hotel rooms. If you would like to get involved, as a contributor/advertiser, please do drop me an email.

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