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Yu met her hubby through his comedic group mate Yamazaki Shizuo as the two ladies were friends since 2006 working on a movie together, and Shizuo popped up at the wedding press conference with red boxing gloves to talk some smack to Ryota for stealing her best friend.

One day after work, she finds a man, named Itsuki, collapsed outside her house. Itsuki teaches her about cooking and plants, but holds many secrets.

Since that time Yu Aoi has kept a busy schedule appearing in a wide variety of different roles.

She would also go on to win the best supporting actress award at the Japanese Academy Awards for her role in Sang-il Lee's "Hula Girls" and the Blue Ribbon Award and the Best Actress prize at the Yokohama Film Festival for her work in "Hula Girls" and "Honey and Clover".

Yu Aoi's major breathrough in acting came with her first starring role in 2004's "Hana and Alice." This would also be her second time working with director Shunji Iwai.

In the film, Yu Aoi was able to demonstrate not only her talents in acting, but also her skills in ballet.

' I usually know if it's horrible...' The 40-year-old star was a passenger in a vintage muscle car that went off Mulholland Highway and rolled down an embankment, a collision report says.

Open quarter-finals on Sunday but it may have come at a price as the six-time champion suffered a right ankle injury.

There are a lot of not so talented actresses getting a lot of projects with them as lead maybe because their agency knows how to market them well. I thought I have seen all the talented Japanese actress out there and when I sam her on OSEN i was like bump, WOW!! Then, I read her profile in WIKI and I'm so surprised on how many international prestigious award she has received. She is very brilliant when she did not only received lead actress but she smartly choosen her supporting character as well and that has been highly critically praised and awarded She may not very known in dramas fans like Ueno Juri but she a high ranking place in international acclaimed. And her beauty is very different and exotic as well. Beat my Ueno Juri, Fukatsu Eri, Takeuchi and many more.

A five minute ballet performance by Yu Aoi was included during the climatic moments in "Hana and Alice".

Yui Aoi would go on to win the 2005 best actress award at the Japanese Professional Movie Award for that performance.

J-ent is abuzz today with the surprise announcement that top actress 33-year old Aoi Yu married 42-year old funnyman Yamasato Ryota, and after just 2 months dating as the pair met back in April of 2019.

The newlyweds held a press conference and Yu explained that she loved how he made her laugh and he’s a very kind and considerate man, and also they two decided to date in April with the caveat of marriage on the table.Yui Aoi's career blossomed further with her appearance in Shunji Iwai's highly acclaimed film "All About Lily Chou-Chou." In 2002, Yui Aoi's popularity increased further as she was chosen as the 10th "Rehouse Girl" for Japanese real estate company Mitsui Rehouse.

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