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The term Gorgan started to gain popularity and was both "partly derived by the term "demugorgan" used for monsters in the televison show Stranger Things", as well as a Portmanteau from the first name of the Actress and the last name of Morgan.However, the term has been established for the Anderson/Morgan ship by now, since even the supporters of the ship identify with the term.However, in response to continued perceived ugliness by "snoggers", many Anderson-centric (and thus often Anti-Duchovny, see Duchovny Fans vs.Anderson Fans), blogs started reposting post of the HMS Gilligan blog, with tags suggesting the stupid humour was a welcome relief for the pro-Gorgan side from the increasingly output of some Gillovny content.

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Some fics from 1994-2000: see Some Examples of Early X-Files RPF.

For some fans, it revolves about shipping the two actors together while for others the term represents the deep rooted, 25 year friendship of the two The X-Files actors.

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