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Michael tells everyone that they are engaged upon his return, but later admits this is not true.When Michael comes to Nashua with Pam Beesly to give his lecture and find closure with Holly, she is not there because she is on an HR retreat.

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Michael and Holly sharply disagree when they discover during an ethics training that Meredith has been trading sex-for supplies (and Outback Steakhouse coupons); Michael feels that this is a boost to sales that Corporate would agree with while Holly believes it violates company policy.

Though initially pleased when corporate takes his side, Michael is dismayed when Corporate HR berates and humiliates her over the phone, having turned a rote seminar into an investigation.

Michael rallies the office to complete the seminar and sign the ethics acknowledgement, which restores good feelings between Holly and Michael.

He goes to her desk and smells her sweater, cutting a sleeve off to take with him. Michael and Holly reminisce about the presentation and talk about one in the future. J., with Michael noting that it wasn't the right time to talk to her and that they will eventually find each other.

Michael finds a file on her computer titled "Dear Michael" and copies it to his flash drive. Holly does not appear in Season 6, but is mentioned many times by Michael, who still has feelings for her.She is subjected to hazing by Dwight Schrute, who convinces her that Kevin Malone is mentally challenged, a belief she continued to harbor until Season Five when it was embarrassingly pointed out to her that he wasn't.