Amish dating and marriage customs

06-Mar-2020 04:23

If we want adult-to-adult relationships with the emerging adults of our churches and homes, we need to create safe places both to listen and to be heard.

The questions that follow are ones I have found helpful in conversations with my son and other young adults and have emerged out of my own study of current research on changing sexual attitudes and social trends.

In his 2007 essay sociologist David Popenoe, summarizing the results of a survey of 6,000 high school seniors, wrote, “The great majority of American high school seniors still want to get married, with 82 percent of girls and 70 percent of boys saying that ‘having a good marriage and family life’ is ‘extremely important’ to them.” Assuming this desire for a good marriage is true for most young adults, the question becomes one of how they best realize that desire.

They have noticed what the church says—and does not say—about sex and marriage. Many apparently have concluded that marriage is best avoided or put off until they have time to find the “perfect” partner.

The speaker encouraged us to think about current brain research and hormones.